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cheating men

Ask Dr. WomanSaver, MD

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Greetings Womansavers!

I am delighted to join you on this site and I look forward to being a part of the wonderful womansavers.com experience!

Throughout my training and work as an M.D. I have had the opportunity to help patients of all ages, with various medical concerns and problems.

I can answer your questions on anything medically related including topics on health, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, diet, and exercise. I can also answer questions about medications, or vitamins and supplements. Please feel free to ask any general questions you may have about your condition, or dealing with lab tests, procedures or surgeries. Whether you are researching information for personal use, have an inquiry on sexual health, or just a curios question about the normal functioning of your body, I will be glad to be of assistance to you. Furthermore, if you need tips on smoking cessation, or help with alcoholism, or substance abuse, please ask! I can also offer helpful hints on entering the medical profession, or getting into medical school if you are interested. I will occasionally post health related articles in the forum. I encourage my friends in the medical field and anyone else who has personal experience with a related post to join the discussion. I welcome questions and comments from our male members as well!

I will check the boards regularly, and reply to your posts within a week. If you prefer to ask a question anonymously, you may e-mail it to me at Dr.Womansaver@gmail.com, with the topic of your question in the subject line, and I will post it in the forum, as: "Topic X: From Anonymous" along with my answer. I cannot however send individualized replies.

Please read the disclaimer carefully before posting your question, and keep in mind that all information posted is for informational, educational, and/or discussion purposes only. I encourage you to communicate with your physician before taking any action regarding your health care.

Please keep your questions general. Since I am limited to the types of questions I can respond to, here are some helpful hints for posting: For example: Instead of: �What can I take for my headache?" you can ask: "What are some useful medications for headache on the market?" Or instead of: "I have symptoms A, B, C; do I have condition D?" you may ask: "My doctor says I have condition D. What is D?"

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you in the forum! J

-Dr. Womansaver

The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil

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