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Relationship Expert

Stephany Alexander Quick Facts

Main Areas: Dating Expert, Relationship Expert, Infidelity Expert, Online Dating Expert

Best Sellers: Sex, Lies & the Internet, An Online Dating Survival Guide

Career Focus: CEO, Author, Featured Women's Speaker for "Women for Hire"


    "Dedicated to outing the bad apples."
    New York Times

    "This could protect my daughter."
    First Lady Maria Shriver

    "Reviews your potential mate like Zagats critiques a restaurant."
    Esquire Magazine

    "I've got a guy I can put in there."
    Celebrity Kim Kardashian

    "This has the potential to change men's behavior."
    Patrick Byrne, Founder, Overstock.com

Stephany Alexander, B.A. Comm, B.A. German

  • aka "Little Miss WomanSaver"
  • Date Screening Expert, Online Dating Expert, Relationship Expert, Infidelity Expert, Women's Speaker, CEO/Founder of WomanSavers.com (World's Largest Database Rating Men)
  • Founder of the C-301 Non-Profit Abuse Prevention Foundation, A Charitable Foundation for Women, Children and Animals
  • Founder of the #1 Most Popular Abused Women's Forum
  • Best-selling Author of "Sex, Lies and the Internet," An Online Dating Survial Guide
  • Women's Speaker


Stephany Alexander is the founder and CEO of WomanSavers.com, one of the most popular womens sites on the net (top 1%) receiving millions of hits per month. WomanSavers.com is a revolutionary woman-to-woman networking system with thousands of men's names and descriptions entered globally to promote safer dating worldwide. It's FREE to search and free to post so make sure you screen your dates!

Stephany has shown celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Comedian Elayne Boosler and First Lady Maria Shriver how to use the internet to screen people to protect themselves, their families and what they value. She is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on relationships, abuse prevention and women's issues. Stephany is leading the field with her goals, vision, experience and business. She has over 8 years of experience and understanding on how to do background checks, protecting yourself on the internet and how to improve your odds of finding a great relationship.

Stephany's goal is to change the way the next generation of women deal with men by networking together to share their stories to make better, safer and more informed decisions regarding the men in their lives. She has done that and more on a global level inspiring people to "Research and Rate BEFORE you Date." Stephany has counseled hundreds of thousands of women worldwide and attended and exhibited at countless women's conferences around the world. In addition to inspiring women, she also entertains them.

Stephany is the "exclusive" dating expert for Idea Marketers, the "exclusive" infidelity expert for SelfGrowth.com and a featured women's speaker for "Women for Hire." She speaks fluent German. In 2008, Stephany was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Women's Abuse Prevention , awarded "Woman of the Month" by the Femme Network and spotlighted by Women's Business Magazine as a woman to watch in the future. She has exhibited at countless women's conferences and is an active member on dozens of women's professional organizations. She is a co-founder of SWWAN, the Single Working Women's Affiliate)

  • Founder: #1 highest trafficked abused women's forum
  • Founder: Largest Online Database Rating Men
  • Author: "Sex, Lies & the Internet," A Survival Guide to Online Dating"
  • Author: 100+ Relationships & Infidelity Articles
  • Author: 22 Dating & Relationship Quizzes
  • Internet Polling Expert surveying 400,000+ women on relationships
  • Creator: 12 women's comedy cartoon e-cards, plus 1 claymation
  • Creator: 6 women's online games, 1 arcade quality
  • Traveled to 34+ countries interviewing women on relationships
  • Featured women's speaker for "Women for Hire
  • "Exclusive" dating expert for Idea Marketers
  • Featured women's speaker for Speaker Services
  • Awarded American Institute Lifetime Achievement Award for "Women's Abuse Prevention"
  • Awarded "Woman of the Month" by the Femme Network
  • WomanSavers nominated as finalist for prestigious internet Pixel Award (Academy Awards of the Internet)

Stephany is frequently called on by the media as the nation's leading authority on relationships, online dating and infidelity. She has been featured and quoted on: the Today Show, the Mike & Juliet Show, E! Entertainment, CBS Early Show, FOX Nationwide News, Fox Business, FOX Sports, Sirius Satellite, Playboy Radio, KROQ, KIIS-FM, Esquire Magazine, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Women's Business Magazine, Associated Press & countless radio and internet shows.

For demo reel, please visit:
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Professional Memberships:
  • NAFE (Natl. Assoc. of Female Executives)
  • NOW (Natl. Organization of Women)
  • WITI (Women in Technology)
  • NAWBO (Natl Assoc. of Women Business Owners)
  • WLE (Women's Leadership Exchange)
  • DWC (Downtown Women's Club)
  • NAWW (Natl. Association of Women Writers)
  • International Virtual Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • AWE (Assoc. of Web Entrepreneurs)
  • Cambridge Who's Who of Executive
  • Princeton Professional Leaders
  • International Virtual Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Academy for Professional Speaking

Ms. Alexander is an in-demand speaker whose topics include:

    - Top ways to date safer
    - How to create and keep a successful relationship
    - Secrets of how to avoid abusive relationships
    - How to catch a cheater without hiring a costly detective
    - How to stay safe online
    - Successful internet marketing

Ms. Alexander is a member of the National Speakers Association, Charli Jane Speakers, Intl. Association of Speakers and Speaker Services. She is a graduate of James Malinchak's College Speakers Training and Bill Gove's Speech Coaching. She coaches and speaks to women's organization, sororities and colleges throughout the United States. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, scuba diving, snow skiing, snow boarding, Birkham yoga, meditation, raw veganism, quantum physics and playing with her 3 dogs and cat.

To interview Ms. Alexander or hire her as a keynote speaker for your next event, please email womansavers at womansavers.com

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Stephany Alexander Books

Sex, Lies & the Internet, An Online Dating Survival Guide

Favorite Quotes & Thoughts from Stephany Alexander
My goal is to change the way the next generation of women deal with men by networking together to make better, safer and more informed decisions.

Contacting Stephany Alexander

Stephany Alexander, B.A., CEO
http://www.womansavers.com, World's Largest Database Rating Men
Online Dating Expert, Infidelity Expert, Relationship Expert, Women's Speaker

Ms. Alexander is the author of "Sex, Lies & the Internet" - An Online Dating Survival Guide which can be purchased at http://www.sexliesandtheinternet.com

To interview Ms. Alexander, please contact womansavers at womansavers dot com.

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