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Relationship Tarot Reading

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All portions of the Tarot game were written and created by Womansavers.com. Copyright Womansavers.com � All rights reserved. The relationship Tarot game is for entertainment purposes only.
The following Tarot card game was written and created specifically for Womansavers.com, with the cards emphasizing questions about life, especially relationships and matters-of-the-heart. The Tarot is a tool that leads us on the path of self-discovery. It is a device for meditation, contemplation, reflection, problem analysis, self-understanding and spiritual growth. The twenty-two Major Arcana Trumps depict in allegorical images the steps of the Fool's journey toward enlightenment. The forty Pip cards include four suites of Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. These Tarot cards were custom painted with computer software. Pay special attention to the details and colors within each card. Any particular object or set of elements within an image contains meaning. For example, a bird could represent a messenger from the sky who gives us warning or enlightenment, leaves could mean vitality, a crown could mean mastery and a chain could represent restriction. The Tarot can help you gain self-awareness and awaken you to new ideas you may not have thought of before. Enjoy! Little Miss Womansavers

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