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Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

Sandra-Brown Other services offered by Sandra L. Brown

Telephone or Email Consultation - $50.00

How to spot a dangerous man before you get involved book by Author Sandra L. Brown M.A. - $14.95

How to spot a dangerous man before you get involved workbook by Author Sandra L. Brown M.A. - $14.95

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Sandra L. Brown holds a Master�s Degree in Counseling. She was the founder of Bridgework Counseling Center which provided intensive outpatient counseling and residential treatment for women with chronic histories of victimization. Her work has included almost every area of emotional trauma and she has worked in numerous treatment modalities such as domestic violence shelters, psychiatric hospitals, counseling centers, and outpatient clinics. She has also worked with dangerous populations of people in the field of psychopathology, including men.

She has lectured nationally and internationally on the issues of women�s victimization. She has provided intensive program develop in other countries to address victimization (including Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Melbourne, Australia).

She hosted and produced her own TV show �A Voice for Victims,� has appeared on over 25 other TV shows including CNN Anderson Cooper, and more than 30 radio call-in shows. She has acquired newspaper coverage in newspapers such as The St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune, Seattle Post Intelligence, Dallas Morning News and The Rocky Mountain News. Her book �How to Spot a Dangerous Man� has been featured in national magazines such as Women�s Health, Today�s Black Woman, The National Examiner, and magazines in South Africa, New Zealand and Singapore.

She is the author of:
Counseling Victims of Violence, Eds 1 & 2,
How to Spot a Dangerous Man Book & Workbook
The Moody Pews and various magazine articles.

She currently is a conference leader, consultant, relationship counselor and psychology writer.

Sandra will be posting monthy articles for us here at WomanSavers.

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