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WomenSavers Women's Contest


Congratulations to our WomanSaver's Santa Baby Ecard - "Shattered" dvd video WINNERS!

Thank you to everyone who entered by sharing our Santa Baby Ecard with friends and family.

Female member Goodnjeans
Male member Roger Coswell Female member Karri K.
Male member Tom G.
Female member Gypsyintransit
Male member Troy W.
Female Sandra Brown
Female member Aquagirl
Female member Roseanna G.
Female member Kelly F.

Contest Courtesy of Lionsgate Motion Pictures in conjunction with WomanSavers.com.

Little Miss WomanSaver :)

Congratulations to our three WomanSavers.com story contest winners!

It was a difficult decision to choose a winner and many great entries were submitted. The chosen winners are as follows:

1st Prize: Alison R.
2nd Prize: Winner prefers to remain anonymous
3rd Prize: Barbara R.
Their stories may be included in an upcoming published book.


1st Prize: $500 Cash, plus WomanSaver´┐Żs shopping item of your choice
2nd Prize: $300 Cash, plus WomanSaver´┐Żs shopping item of your choice
3rd Prize: $200 Cash, plus WomanSaver´┐Żs shopping item of your choice

Congratulations to all our winners! :)

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